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9 Allergy Signs In Children


9 Allergy Signs In Children

Allergy – Unfortunately, more and more children suffer from allergies, there are some signs that indicate when an allergic or contribute greatly to health problems. Here’s a short list of what to look out for. Most of those that can satisfy most likely at least some of the problems for your baby to allergies.

  1. Dark circles or bags under the eyes which makes the child permanently look tired. In Chinese medicine linked to this area of the face of the adrenal glands. The adrenal glands one of the main organs of the body concerned on stress reactions, and exposure to allergens certainly produces stress in the body. Sometimes there are also crease seen under the eyelids.
  2. Dry, flaky lips are often indistinct blur of edge rather than the lack of a clear line between him and the rest of the face. Michio Cauchy in Eastern diagnosis says that different parts of the flange correspond to different parts of the digestive system. The upper lip is prepared. Corresponds to the lower part of the intestine. And often these particularly sensitive parts of the body if the problem is with the foods.
  3. The liver is the main organ feet sweat detoxifying the body. When not working properly or that the overtime and then the feet tend to be too sweaty. In the sensitivity of the liver is dealing with the overload of toxins.
  4. One or both ears sometimes red and/or burning reaction usually starts about one kwartirhors and three after exposure to the substance and lasts for about half an hour. I don’t know whether if it is one ear or both ears, but that seems very precise timing. The redness usually lasts for about half an hour. This particular reaction can become self help diagnostic technique is very useful if you pay attention to your baby’s ears!
  5. Children with a tendency to allergies are often blond hair. They are usually pale; in fact pale so he sometimes suspected of suffering from anemia. In some children that nickname is not evident at first glance because they have a very rosy cheeks every time or some time. Sometimes if you feel the child’s cheek hot will burn, or baberi and dry.
  6. A child with lots of food sensitivities often fussy eater. Parents often say: ‘ my child would be happy if he could live on x ‘ baby probably allergic to X, whatever it is. And often become irritable and bad-tempered if they have to go without their favorite so short period of time the breast feeding babies are either difficult or feeders need to be fed continuously both day and night and it may be difficult to wean.
  7. Infants and children with food allergies usually very good or very bad tempered tempered first thing in the morning.
  8. Often there is a family history of allergies with near relatives suffer from eczema and hay fever, etc.
  9. Allergic children (and adults) often smell like weird: they sniff felt tip pens or enjoy the smell of petrol (gas) in gas stations. And they almost always allergic to the smell they like a lot, like a drug addict trying to fix!

Allergy – What can be done about it? Try visiting a therapist with a special interest in allergy. I recommend especially health Kinesiology, which has a lot of success not only detect allergies but also correct them, don’t even have children to avoid the things that he was allergic to.

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