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Quick Tips for Better Health


Quick Tips for Better Health

Better Health – Everyone seems to have a different answer to the health equation these days. Cut through the noise Here are a few things you can do to see improvements in your health. Remember to always consult with your doctor before changing your diet or exercise!

30 minutes of type of exercise daily. Remember in previous issues I mentioned that even stretching is acceptable if this is all you can do. You really do not have to do a marathon, just a little more physical activity than you used to.

Eat those fruits and vegetables. Usually lower in calories, higher in fiber. You can eat less and feel more full! Studies seem to suggest that they can reduce the risk of some cancers.

A simple multi-vitamin can add a little pep in your step. It is always better to get nutrition from foods, but you rarely get enough of what we need, and help fill the gap with your vitamin!

Are you getting enough sleep? This is where he was arrested most. I am a classic over-achieving so I sacrifice a lot on my sleep. Let me tell you, do not say what I do not do. Get 7-8 hours of sleep. You will feel better, maybe age more slowly.

I find 5-7 small meals a day that keeps me better than 3 large meals. Obviously, this is something to discuss with your doctor, especially if you have diabetes or have other health conditions. Unlike low carbohydrate diet alternatives, we will stand with the USDA Food Pyramid and say that a balanced diet is almost always the best answer.

Water. a lot of water. Skip soft drinks, coffee, alcohol and drink more water. I can not stress this enough. Proper moisturizing can really help you look and feel better.

Finally, attitude. Keep it positive. When I was diagnosed with cancer I was a lot of a joke. I think this is a good part of the reason I’m still here. To learn optimism, it’s usually a big deal.

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