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What is Best Contact Lenses Types


What is Best Contact Lenses Types

Did you know that all contact lenses are not themselves? Take some time to get information about the different types of contact lenses and what they can do for your eyes. Of course, your doctor will help you determine the correct lenses, but it is better to be prepared and know, in advance, what is best for you.

All lenses can be divided into groups depending on the material they are made of, and schedule wearing, lens design and purpose and degree of transparency.

Contact lens materials

Contact lenses can be distinguished as being made of the material. To start, it is divided into two main groups-hard and soft.

Rigid lenses, in turn, divided into rigid gas-tight and more modern rigid gas permeable.

All soft lenses gas permeable to a certain degree, be classified more amount of water in the material. Moisture content can be low (less than 50 per cent) or high moisture content (more than 50 per cent).

Schedule wearing It
It can also be divided by the number of times that should be replaced.

One group is replaced in accordance with the guidelines. Soft lenses, this is about one year old, but rigid lenses can several years ago.
Another group is defined as the scheduled replacement. This may be a month or once every three months.
There are also frequent replacement lenses, which can change daily or weekly or fortnightly.
Finally, is extended wear lenses, such as day and night lenses focus.
And often you can substitute these lenses, it’s better for your eye health. Disposable contacts provide better vision and better for your eyes.

Design of contact lenses

Design can be divided into spherical contact lenses, toric, multifocal.

Spherical lenses to correct myopia welongsaitdnis.
It toric astigmatism
Lenses are used to correct aging spots
Different purposes of lenses

It could be an optical contact lenses, cosmetics, decorative or therapeutic.

Optical contact lenses designed to correct Visual defects.

Cosmetic contact lenses are used to change the appearance of the eye. Color lenses like Acuvue 2 colors frishlok or made to improve or change your eye color.

Decorative color contact lenses intended to produce extraordinary effects-cat’s eyes and the eyes of zombie and vampire eyes and so on.

Therapeutic are basically soft contact lenses which can be used as a bandage to protect the cornea. They may also be used as a warehouse for drugs used in the treatment of various diseases of the cornea.

Clear and color contacts

Transparent contact lenses can be divided and colored groups.
Can clear transparent completely or dimmed, making it easier to find in the storage container, but will not affect the appearance of your eyes.

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